“Learn skills and best practices.”

- Sessions organized for our Members that build practical, technical skills around a specific convening topic.
- Participants learn from each other, build relationships, and set the stage for collaboration.
- Following each webinar, we share best practices sourced from the discussion through our blog.


Stand-Up Calls

“Build a foundation of support.”

- Requiring low time investment, these monthly half-hour calls allow you to touch base with the Convening the Conveners and Accelerating the Accelerators community. During the calls, participants:
- Request and offer tried-and-true advice on solutions, tools, resources, and best practices.
- Draw attention to interesting developments in the social enterprise space.


Affinity Group Calls

“Find your tribe.”

- Quarterly calls organized around a particular issue or commonality (i.e. geography, sector focus, gender) to discuss trending topics and share actionable advice.