Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive: Wonder recap

We recently explored the Wonder platform as part of our Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive series.

Here’s the gist: Wonder is a fantastically intuitive and flexible networking tool that participants seem to really enjoy using, but its broadcast/presentation mode limits interaction to the point that it’s not a viable platform for a full event. 

Highlights from what we learned: 

  • Does a good job of visualizing what the tool is doing (creating circles to indicate group audio/video spaces created by proximity, and expanding/contracting them as participants move in and out) 
  • Movement isn’t super intuitive–have to click and hold where you want to be rather than dragging your “circle”
  • Love the “icebreaker question” you can set up to ask participants as they join the space (which then shows up on hover)–really useful for giving participants information they need for affinity grouping
  • Love the ability to create topical/affinity “spaces” within the conversation canvas, especially since you can do it on the fly; turning on and off spaces, and creating different sets of spaces over the course of an interaction. 
  • Exceptionally easy to customize and adjust the space (background, organizing structure, etc.) even on the fly. 
  • Broadcast mode is great for breaking in and giving instructions to move participants through a set of interactions, but interaction is so limited in broadcast mode (just chat–no ability to unmute participants, no raised hands, no emojis, nothing) that we recommend it be limited to instructions, etc. rather than serving as the backbone for an interactive session
  • Could be a really great adjunct tool to provide a “lounge space” running parallel to other convening interactions; especially with the ability to alter the ‘structure’ of the space throughout the engagement 

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