Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive: What we’ve learned

We hosted a retrospective look at our or Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive series, and shared about what we’ve learned and where we’re headed.

We utilized the platform to connect and discuss for our final meeting. Here are were some of the highlights:

Highlights from what we’ve learned from this series: 

  • Always remember to have a Plan B; having a Plan B ensures that even if something goes wrong with a platform you’re on, or if you have a technical issue, the show can still go on. A good backup plan is communicated with the entire team ahead of schedule.
  • Many of these platforms are changing daily – being developed on a daily basis as a response to COVID-19. Because of this, a feature that’s missing from one platform today, may actually be offered tomorrow. It’s important to follow platforms closely to monitor the updates being made.
  • When testing out a platform, do what you can to break it before using it for one of your convenings – then document it. Developers love to have content for their FAQs.
  • Zoom is the comfortable option, but what has really been missing from it and competitors is a platform that can accommodate multiple hosts of an event.
  • Looking ahead to 2021, many of us are concerned about opening up for in-person events too quickly.
  • There will always have to be a hybrid style of event from now own. Even as things begin to open up (perhaps in 2021), conveners and participants will expect a remote option. This is an important consideration as planning for events moves along.
  • Technology is proving to be a challenge when it comes to attendees in multiple locations internationally. Many times bandwidth is an important consideration, and is an issue that will likely continue to come up.