Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive: SpotMe recap

Our Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive series is in full swing. On September 23, 2020 we explored the SpotMe platform. It’s designed as an innovative match-making and peer-to-peer meeting platform. Features include dynamic, individual schedule building and in-platform gamification, to help drive engagement from participants.

Here’s the gist: Our overall impression is that, as an end-to-end event platform, it’s weaker than other solutions. As a participant, it can feel really isolated–there’s no way to see who else is in the event with you and you have to actively seek out interactions; there’s no global chat, no chat in breakout sessions, and the home feed comes across as too structured and formal to encourage interaction. Way-finding is a bit of a mess with notifications coming through in the wrong order and at the wrong time to tell participants where to be and what they should be doing.

Highlights from what we learned:

  • The platform gives the event host the ability to create templates, which means you can use the same template for recurring events, without having to rebuild each time.
  • There is a 50 person limit for video breakout session; but not all can be on video at once. You can only have up to 12 on video; others can be the session, but will only have the ability to listen in.
  • If you’re running an event of livestreams, it could work well. SpotMe’s limit on a livestream is 2,500.
  • It has a Zapier API for integrations, no built-in integrations (i.e., you can’t use Zoom, WebEx, or any other service inside the app)
  • There’s no place in the app that you as an organizer can see and interact with all attendees. It’s just not organized around interaction. 
  • You can’t charge for tickets within the app. 
  • The app feels intrusive in some ways. The only way to have your face appear in your profile is to connect the app to a LinkedIn profile — the permissions language is intimidating.

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