Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive: Maestro Conference recap

We recently explored the Maestro Conference platform as part of our Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive series. It’s a complete webinar platform aimed at increasing interaction between participants.

Here’s the gist:

  • Our first reaction: a big miss with this platform is the chat. This is a big miss, as it doesn’t promote participants interacting with each other. There is the option to chat 1:1 with another participant. This is done by pressing the “hamburger”/settings tab on each person’s photo.
  • No ability to see who else is on the call during presentation mode – feels like you are on your own a bit.
  • When in presentation mode, there’s less interaction because you’re not able to see others at the same time – only the presenter’s screen.
  • The platform does feature strong breakout features, which include:
    • Ability to structure breakout groups using data
      • Gathered during registration, pulled in from CRM, etc. 
      • Based on Interests, location, level of expertise, etc.
    • Enhanced “conductor” features 
      • Great VOG (both chat and audio) 
      • Ability to drop in and listen (hidden) to interaction in breakouts
  • Polling is more robust, as it offers the ability to connect answers to participants & export data
  • Lots of flexibility when it comes to interaction/embedding.
    • Ability for participants to actually interact with web pages, tools, etc. while remaining inside the platform 
      • Examples: tests/quizzes/polls, donations, voter registration drives, etc.
  • Definitely some lag/delay in the breakout rooms
  • Separate channel for audio and video makes for some REALLY interesting errors (audio and video not synced up, audio continuing after video drops, etc.) 
  • Breakout functionality is intended to be used stand-alone, still buggy when integrated into a conference/event

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