Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive: recap hosts platform test drive of tool

Our first  Virtual Convening Platform Test Drive session featured, a proximity audio virtual space that offers a unique online networking experience. It features a visual top-down two-dimensional map that participants can navigate within to connect with each other and visit different virtual meeting “destinations” as part of their online convening experience.

Here’s the gist: at this stage, it would be a seriously brave soul who would try to use Gather (or any of the proximity audio/video tools) to host a full end-to-end conference experience, but they’re GREAT for networking sessions!

Highlights from what we learned:

  • You can see and hear those closest to you within the virtual space, and as you move around the map, you can see and hear others.
  • features a great aesthetic layout that offers fully customizable maps–if you’ve got the technical chops to tackle building them.
  • When customizing and working with maps on this platform, having an accessible graphic designer is highly recommended.
  • allows for easy networking and natural conversation flows, as participants navigate to and from each area on the map.
  • Private audio spaces are a unique feature in gather that make it functionally more useful for larger groups than other proximity tools. 
  • The new “spotlight” (voice of god) function shows promise, but is buggy when it comes to screen sharing/presentation mode. 
  • There’s a steep learning curve for many users in terms of navigating the space (arrow keys, no mouse interaction) especially given there’s no zoom function.
  • isn’t an end to end platform. It can’t handle event registration or payments.
  • If you’re looking to host a virtual event with fewer than 50 participants, we’d honestly recommend SpatialChat –it’s way easier to set up and more intuitive for participants.

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