Updated Accelerator Focus Map

In September 2014 we convened the first ever Accelerating the Accelerators @SOCAP14 day long workshop for program managers dedicated to building a stronger impact ecosystem.  In that session we built the first iteration of our Accelerators Focus Map in an effort to support stakeholders working to navigate the accelerator ecosystem.

We use the term Accelerators in it’s broadest sense – referring to cohort based programs that support entrepreneurs in launching their ventures. These include Incubators, Accelerators, Business Plan Competitions, and Fellowships.

In February 2015 at the Sankalp Africa Summit, we further expanded the map to include programs focused on the African Impact Ecosystem (which you can read more about here).

Since then we’ve received significant additions to the Focus Map and have just issued the latest version with a significant update.  In the original version below you can see that we had both large and small logos for each program in an effort to demonstrate primary (large logo) and secondary (small logo) area’s of focus.
AA_Accelerator Focus Map

Original map created by participants in the Accelerating the Accelerators @SOCAP14 Workshop.

In the new version, we now only present one logo representing the primary focus area for each program.  In many respects this was due to the addition of a number of new programs and the need to make the map easier to read and understand.

Updated Accelerator Focus Map as of October 2015.

Please reach out to us at info@conveners.org if you would like to see your program represented on the Accelerator Focus Map.