Ecosystem Leadership

Trailblazers have a unique role in this ecosystem, stepping up to a whole new level of field building and collective exchange.

Our Trailblazers are innovators who inspire the global movement of conveners tackling the world’s biggest challenges. They drive the field forward. Other conveners seek out these Trailblazers for their thought leadership, innovation and excellence in using the power of convening to advance positive change.

Meet our Trailblazers

Being a Trailblazer this year provided me with an incredible support system of fellow leaders who have become friends – many from around the globe, who I would most likely not have met. As a result I was able to share my learnings with our organization to keep it current and “in the know” of best practices. with  its deft facilitation gave us a brave space to share prides and falls alike, in service of being the best leaders we can be and our organizations the best that they can be.

– Kate Byrne, President – SOCAP Global

As an influential member of the impact convening community, our Trailblazers receive a high level of dedicated support and intensive resources including: 

• Peer-to-peer brainstorm sessions with group selected challenges, topics and ideas.
• Thought leadership and best practice exchange discussions.
• A private Slack channel for responsive input and resource recommendations.
• Special invitations to and Trailblazers’ member events, conferences and trainings. 
• Recognition for a initiative with membership allocated to a program of their choice.





Peer LEarning & Best Practice Discussions


Annual Retreat

Collective Action Projects

Recognition for Program support

If you are an ecosystem influencer, let’s talk!

To explore how you and your organization can become Trailblazers, reach out to Stephanie Brady, our Head of Partnerships and Growth.

“There are other organizations out there that offer resources for conveners, but Conveners excels at bringing purpose-first convening practices to our impact community.

– Megan Shea, Director – Net Impact