Innovations in International Philanthropy Symposium

New England International Donors (NEID) and The Philanthropic Initiative’s Center for Global Philanthropy are co-hosting the 2018 Innovations in International Philanthropy Symposium to propel forward the capacity and impact of internationally-oriented philanthropists, including individuals, families, foundations, investors, and corporate funders. The Symposium will provide funders a place to network, learn about relevant trends in international philanthropy, discover opportunities for collaboration, and gain practical, hands-on skills to increase the impact of their international giving.


Each year, Segal Family Foundation gathers our community of creative collaborators: representatives from our 200 grantee partners, numerous philanthropists, and other service providers to celebrate, learn, and network together in the hopes of building new relationships and rekindling existing partnerships.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) Alliance Management Institute

The mission of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is to strengthen the social sector with a talented and prepared workforce.

The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential is the only national credential that combines critical skills and knowledge, practical experience and a national perspective. It is available through the Alliance’s network of 40 universities and colleges. These educational institutions, in conjunction with the Alliance’s national nonprofit partners and CNPs, represent the largest network in the country working to strengthen the social sector with a talented and prepared workforce.

The Alliance Management Institute (AMI) is

• The only national conference expressly designed to prepare 500+ college students for a career in the social sector;
• Packed with educational workshops, networking opportunities and career development activities;
• A capstone experience for individuals receiving the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential; and
• Attended by upperclassmen, graduate students and professionals dedicated to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations.