Virtual Convening Training

Unleash the power of online platforms to achieve your convening goals in the “new normal” of virtual convening.

We’ll help you adapt your convening strategy, enhance your facilitation skills, and unleash the power of online platforms to achieve your convening goals in the “new normal” of virtual convening.

Our professional facilitators have decades of experience designing effective and engaging virtual convenings, holding dynamic and vulnerable space with groups from 6 to 6,000, and creating powerful collaborations even when you can’t be face-to-face.

Build trust and valuable relationships with fellow conveners who are grappling with the same challenges of navigating this new virtual convening landscape. Following the training, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, and will be added to our Virtual Convening slack channel where you can continue to connect with peers around the world.

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Course outline and learning objectives

Purpose-First Framework
Purpose-First Framework

 Explore the opportunities and limitations presented by virtual convening. The Purpose-First framework grounds you in clearly defining your purpose to inform all of your convening design decisions.

Virtual Facilitation
Virtual Facilitation

Learn techniques to improve virtual facilitation including how to manage energy, flow & time, encouraging engagement, on-camera presence, and holding human space online.

Virtual Convening Design
Virtual Convening Design

Integrate everything you’ve learned about strategy, purpose-first design, and facilitation techniques into concrete agenda design and combine that with which tools and platforms can help you achieve your goals.

Success Snapshot: Virtual Convening Certification

Success Snapshot: Virtual Convening Certification

Melvin Consulting works primarily with indigenous activists and support groups across the country. With their community disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, and under-resourced when it comes to connectivity options, virtual convening felt like an almost insurmountable obstacle.

Eileen got exactly what she needed from’s Virtual Convening Certification. She gained a solid foundation on virtual design principles and available tools–and how to apply them effectively. More importantly, she found an ongoing community of peer support and resources.

Eileen launched several cohort-based virtual experiences within a month of completing the Virtual Convening Certification. She has had overwhelmingly positive feedback on her events and made concrete progress toward important impact objectives.

I participated in the three-part Virtual Convening Certification Program from After completing this, I feel much better prepared for my upcoming virtual events. This workshop was very intuitive and has helped me better understand how to bring “the human touch” into the world of virtual events, something that is so often lacking. Each multi-hour session seemed to fly by so quickly, I barely felt like I was in the workshops for 3 full hours! The sessions were fun, engaging, and so insightful. I’d recommend this course to anyone who is navigating the new norm of facilitating virtual events.” – Annie Hall Mikkelson, Program Manager for The Green Building Council

Customized options

We’ve adapted the training for students, entrepreneurs, accelerator leaders, foundation fellowships, NGO teams and more. Get in touch and we’ll talk details.