Systems Change

Purpose-first convening ignites the power of authentic dialogue to surface solutions for the world’s most pressing problems. It’s about creating spaces for deep and genuine collaboration around those problems. And it’s about mobilizing resources; across geographies, across silos, across political divides, to make those solutions a reality. It’s about systems change. 

At, we specialize in convening for systems change. We’ve designed and executed intensive convening strategies for our clients.


“ is like having your own personal cavalry. They are super strategic and empathically have your back.”

Joy Anderson | Criterion Institute

About Our Work

We have crafted multi-year engagements to improve the sustainability of textile supply chains across SE Asia, implement federal regulation to decarbonize the US financial sector, and accelerate the growth of minority-owned small businesses in the Bay Area. 

Every strategy is unique, and each utilizes a unique combination of the tactics and expertise in our advisory toolbox–from strategic planning and facilitation training to convening design and collective action support. Whatever the requirements of the particular objective, each initiative leverages the power of purpose-first convening to get the ‘right’ people in the right ‘rooms’, having the right conversations to move an issue forward.

Explore the possibilities

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