Impact Experience Design: Social Acceleration Marathon

The Social Acceleration Marathon is a program designed for companies, which allows entrepreneurs to solve the most complex challenges in our society, by means of education through innovation and the creation of projects. And consequently create leaders in areas such as: management, innovation and fundraising, generating growth in NGOs through training, and projects based on acceleration in conjunctio n with social responsibil it y, accompanied by a diagnosis and certification.

As part of this program, we joined in collaboration with Phomenta to represent the Social Acceleration Marathon in Mexico, which as every year has the participation of different companies recognized worldwide.
Since 2016 Phomenta has been recognized by the Skoll Foundation, and has more than 400 volunteers in the Social Acceleration Marathon, certifying more than 120 non-governmental organiza t io ns.

One of its main objectives is to promote talent and entrepreneurial training, through transparency, economic sustainab il it y and innovat i ve tools that generate a socio – environmental impact on organizations.
According to Deloitte insights, 67% of people work in companies in which one of their main objectives is social responsibility, through projects that generate an impact on the community.

The Social Acceleration Marathon is a 6-week 100% virtual program in which through different challenges, it allows participants to develop new business skills for problem solving, prioritizing activities and generating success indicators, through practical tools and a continuous follow-up.

This program is based on three fundamental pillars: social responsibility, a culture of continuous innovation and the development of competencies through teamwork, designing strategies that generate results and transform our society.

It is worth mentioning that this program works through its own methodology, supporting each project and the selection of a team of volunteers, taking care of every detail of the experience to obtain the desired success through the best results, generating a union and commitment in the entire team that is part of an organization.

Undoubtedly an experience that allows us to develop new skills through digital tools, to solve the challenges that are part of social responsibility, using the design thinking methodology and generating an impact on society.