Impact Experience Design: Retreats – Disconnect to Reconnect

Within the universe of forms and possibilities of events, one of the ones we are most passionate about is the retreat, where it is possible to transform, through dynamics and activities, the inner self of each being.

However, what makes retreats an even more enriching and profound experience is that together with a select, reduced group of people, it is possible to feel the strength of the group energy, which undoubtedly accelerates the individual process.

The word retreat means to move away, but I prefer to say that it is a disconnectio n so that we can reconnect with what is most important in our lives: ourselves. In the current moment we are going through, where for the first time we have to get used to social isolation, retreats become necessary to release problems that confinement brings us, giving us time and space so that we can develop our self-knowledge, so important in times of vulnerability. Besides this, retreats automatically become an excellent solution to reactivate the service economy, so important in our Latin American countries.

Now, I would like to share with you some great advantages of coordinating or participating in a retreat.

Relationships are strengthened:

At retreats, bonds of trust are strengthened, promoting a more human relationship between collaborators, clients and groups that work together, generating positive impact for all.

Newtalents are shown:

By taking place in environments very different from the work environment, they are an excellent opportunity to discover new talents among group members. The dynamics, exercises and interactions bring out skills that are not always demonstrated on a day-to-day basis.

They give us the opportunity to present ourselves in a more human way:

They are perfect environments to get to know the deeper side of our collaborators, helping to improve understanding between all parties and strengthening new bonds between the group and individual affinity connections.

Normally, retreats should take place in a light, healthy atmosphere, conducive to enthusiasm, good humor, fellowship, positive energy and overall well-being, to reap the benefits. Our experience in holistic wellness, in the development of agendas and in the design of experiences can make it possible for us to put together wonderful retreats, whether virtual or in person, if possible, with all the necessary care, focusing on groups that can benefit from the important process of disconnection for reconnection.