How to Put Together and Host an Event That Moves Ideas Forward

Similar to what our friends at have noticed, we at The Determined, a creative studio that helps people come up with and launch new solutions that tackle climate change, have seen a rise in the number of gatherings, meet ups, events, and workshops since the current administration has taken office. People are realizing that real change doesn’t only happen at the political level, but within communities and local governments. Collectively, we have the tools, resources, and means to create positive change in the world, we just need to find ways to turn ideas into action.

Our team has been to a number of these events, meet ups, and conferences in the past months. It’s always fun to be in the crowd meeting cool people doing cool stuff while learning from experts on stage. Sometimes, though, we leave wondering if the time we spent was worthwhile, if anything is going to come out of the event.

Did we just all come together to talk to anyone who will listen in an attempt to stroke our own egos? Is the only tangible thing that came out of an event the date for the next event… to talk more?

Yes, getting clarity and context on a topic and establishing an understanding around what is needed to solve a problem is very important. There is a point, though, where people need to stop talking and start creating, prototyping, and visualizing ideas.

We’ve been building out The Determined with this in mind, “Less talk. More rock.”

With our years of experience as creative facilitators, we put together a Facilitator’s Guide that includes practical, important, and simple considerations to make your event more powerful, collaborative, and results-driven. Whether it’s addressing a need, solving a challenge, or coming up with new ideas, there are considerations before, during, and after a workshop that facilitators need to be aware of in order to get the best outcomes they are looking for.

Guys… how amazing is it that you have an opportunity to get really smart, motivated, talented people in one room to discuss and work towards an end goal? So cool!

That’s why we’re such big fans of and their work advancing the field of convening for impact. It’s exciting to see this work focus on more action, and less talk.

This post was contributed by Marc O’Brien, Co-Founder of The Determined, a creative studio that helps people come up with and launch new solutions that tackle climate change. If you’d like to contribute to the Conveners Blog, please email us at