Capacity Building

Every convening is unique, and so is every team designing one. We tailor our services for an organization’s unique needs and purpose-first convening objectives. We meet your team where they are to build their convening capacity, offering customized support with impact-forward  experience design, facilitation, and agenda development.


Utilize our coaching services for a crash course in the process of experience design to help your team plan and execute conferences, networking events, grantee meetings, and board retreats that align with your goals without exhausting staff time, money, and resources.

Capture key learnings around adult pedagogy & engagement, specific problem-solving around a unique challenge or opportunity, or a boost of fresh ideas, tips and tricks.

Supply Chain Integrity

Success Snapshot: Supply Chain Integrity

Convening was critical to the success of the Laudes Foundation (formerly C & A Foundation) mission, however they found they were exhausting a large part of their financial resources for external consultants to run their convenings. They needed a solution that would introduce this skillset to their own team.

THE SOLUTION provided training on the importance of experience design and facilitation. Coaching services were centered around their all-hands meeting, reviewing the agenda, and supporting session leads in their design and facilitation planning.

The Laudes Foundation leadership team has successfully run their global all-hands team meeting entirely on their own. They are empowered to continue to host and facilitate their organization convenings.


Effective convenings require effective facilitation. And effective facilitation is a skill. We train your board, staff, volunteers, grantees, speakers or moderators on facilitation principles and practices (virtual and in-person) needed to hold the spaces and guide the conversations that will meet your convening goals.

Our trainings instill confidence, foster empathy, guide conversations and prepare participants to manage energy, flow, and time; encourage engagement; mediate conflict, and steward equity and inclusion.  


We love working side-by-side with teams to co-create an event from start to finish.

The co-design experience includes loads of templates and guides we’ve developed over the years, plus step-by-step support as you build your convening.

Together, we’ll define outcomes, develop a strategy to get the ‘right’ people in the room, choose & train facilitators, and design an agenda that will include everything you need to execute flawlessly (and flexibly) on the vision we’ve created.

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