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Hewlett’s Madison Initiative team needed guidance on designing a convening that would respect the culture and expertise of their Representative Democracy Grantees. They set a goal to build strong relationships and catalyze collaboration among their grantees that address pluralism, political tolerance, negotiation and compromise in our democracy.

The Conveners.org team tailored a multi-day experience for over 100 participants (their entire grantee portfolio) that promoted idea exchange and shared practices. In addition to providing planning and logistics support, the Conveners.org team crafted a unique agenda and lead on-site facilitation.

Using this new experience design as a framework, they were able to streamline future events, which continues to make their convenings meaningful and impactful. They now have the capacity to pivot quickly to a virtual forum, following the cancellation of their events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Conveners.org provides us the opportunity to share best practices, develop partnerships, create collaborations, and network with like-minded innovators.”

Jill Ultan | Skoll World Forum

“The calls illustrate the magic of Conveners.org in creating spaces and combining networks in new ways.”

Ryan Ross | Halcyon Incubator

“Conveners.org has shown us by example how to deepen connections and collaborations through intentional meeting experiences.”

Patricia Marquez | University of San Diego

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