is proud to announce the launching of a new, members-only initiative to create Communities of Practice & MasterMinds to engage our members around specific themes of interest. We will be offering smaller group interactions in the form of MasterMinds to allow our members to engage in group discussions throughout the year with the same group of people.

Communities of Practice were created in the effort to engage all of our community members in a targeted discussion around a specific theme – introducing a challenge or relevant research and having a space dedicated to collaborating and ideating together. These conversations will be happening once a quarter to bring our community together to address each of the key themes listed below. 

MasterMinds are small groups that meet frequently throughout the year around a particular topic of interest. At each meeting, one person is assigned to bring a specific challenge they have connected to the group’s theme for the group to listen in and ideate on. 

Check out our topics below, and become a member today to participate!

As purpose-first conveners, DEI is a topic that we all are challenged to address at the local and global levels of our work. Members who are interested in this topic can come together in a MasterMind to discuss how DEI shows up in their work, the challenges they face around it, and how they can continuously be improving themselves, their teams, and their communities. 

With the rise of COVID cases around the world, in-person convening was put on hold and conveners from all sectors and geographies had to figure out how to plan and execute their events virtually. Now, with COVID vaccinations starting to take place, conveners are deciding when and if they want to convene in-person again, or stay virtual, or try to create a hybrid version of their events. This MasterMind will be focused on dealing with the challenges of virtual and hybrid convening and exploring what sort of opportunities and lessons learned exist that can be applied to convenings this year. 

Whether your organization specifically works in the climate/environmental space, or you are a convener who wants to incorporate more environmental practices into your organization, this is the MasterMind for you! Join fellow members to decide how you would like to tackle this topic on climate and environmental sustainability.

Calling all chapter-focused organizations! If you are a convener that works with several chapters across the country or the globe, this is the MasterMind for you. In this group, you’ll meet with other conveners who are in charge of organizing, managing, and leading multiple chapters and connect on the challenges and opportunities that exist with this specific model of convening.