Co-hosted sessions bring together trusted peers, industry leaders, and valuable strangers to examine a particular issue, opportunity, or challenge. Designed as collaborative conversations, these sessions capture best practices, source ideas for future collaboration, and engage practitioners in dialogue around critical industry issues. Co-hosted session are invitation-only and are hosted approximately 12 times a year. They are often organized alongside regularly scheduled member convenings, to enable participants to easily attend both events.



Location: Oxford, England

Session Title: Leveraging Inclusive Dialogue for Change

Location: San Francisco, CA

Session Title:

Location: Ixtapa, Mexico

Session Title:


Location: Cancun, Mexico

Session Title: Courageous Conversations: How Do We Talk About Inequality?

Location: Washington, D.C.

Session Title: Building Effective Partnerships

Location: San Francisco, CA

Session Title: Accelerating the Accelerators at SOCAP16

Session Title: Convening the Conveners at SOCAP16

Session Title: Mapping the Mappers at SOCAP16

Location: San Diego, CA

Session Title: Convening for Social Impact

Location: San Francisco, CA

Session Title: Catalyzing Networks for Impact

Location: Oxford, England

Session Title: Building a Culture of Trust

Location: New York, NY

Session Title: Increasing Attendee Diversity


"'s workshops are creative, strategic and fun; we not only build peer networks and share collective knowledge, but afterward we can adapt their facilitation best-practices to refresh our own workshop formats."

Janine Elliott Program Officer, Venture Well,Co-Hosted Session Participant