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“ provides us the opportunity to share best practices, develop partnerships, create collaborations, and network with like-minded innovators.”

Jill Ultan | Skoll World Forum

“The simple-to-use resources Conveners has available and the community of organizations looking for the best ways to hold a virtual, productive space have been invaluable throughout 2020.”

Luis Montoya | SSDP

“The Virtual Conveners training came at exactly the right time. It completely changed my perspective on what is possible with online events, and gave me tangible tools to implement right away.”

Hilary Allen | Net Impact

What is a Convener?

We define “convener” as anyone (both individuals and organizations) who brings groups of people together to create and amplify social and/or environmental impact. This can look like being an event organizer, an impact accelerator, an impact investor network, a philanthropic organization, foundation, or corporation. whatever sector you focus on, whether you work with neighborhoods or nations, if you use convening to help solve social or environmental challenges, we want to work with you!

Who We Are & What We Do

We build powerful communities of practice for mission-driven leaders to connect, learn, and collaborate with each other. We do this work through our Membership Community, our Trailblazer initiative, and by offering Advisory Services.

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Systems Change

Capacity Building

Hewlett’s Madison Initiative team needed guidance on designing a convening that would respect the culture and expertise of their Representative Democracy Grantees. They set a goal to build strong relationships and catalyze collaboration among their grantees that address pluralism, political tolerance, negotiation and compromise in our democracy.

The team tailored a multi-day experience for over 100 participants (their entire grantee portfolio) that promoted idea exchange and shared practices. In addition to providing planning and logistics support, the team crafted a unique agenda and lead on-site facilitation.

Using this new experience design as a framework, they were able to streamline future events, which continues to make their convenings meaningful and impactful. They now have the capacity to pivot quickly to a virtual forum, following the cancellation of their events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Latest tools, tips, and tricks

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