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Global Philanthropy Forum

April 4, 2016 - April 6, 2016

Entitled PEOPLE ON THE MOVE, the GPF Conference will focus on the three conditions under which migrations occur.

  • In the first instance, people are moving to cities in search of economic opportunity. In India, China and other fast-growing economies, millions are experiencing economic and social mobility for the first time and are changing their habits, hopes and ways of living. Inventive and productive, they are not staying put. Many, newly aware of the opportunities that await, are moving to cities in search of jobs.
  • Others still are in search of safety, having been forced to flee persecution, violent conflict or state failure. They need shelter, food, education and livelihoods, and assurances of both physical and human security. Many fall victim to human smugglers and prejudice. Providing for their safety and well-being is an urgent necessity. Building the conditions for their integration or return is a collective responsibility.
  • And, third, even those who stay put may be in search of meaning. Restless young men (and some women) may feel unanchored. They wonder whether their values are shared and identity is respected. Often alienated and isolated, they can be vulnerable to the appeal of extremist ideologies that offer a sense of belonging and purpose, even when that purpose is destructive.


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