Unreasonable Institute has just rebranded to Uncharted. The rebrand will help our team put a larger dent in some of the world’s greatest problems, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Make sure to check out our new website. Here are a few new pieces of content you might be interested in, too!

There is no single way to solve the problems our globe faces. This learning marked the beginning of an arduous, important journey to not only a new look, but also a redesigned approach for how to solve the world’s greatest problems.

Uncharted represents that our world, and how we improve it, is not fixed. There is no single way to solve the problems our globe faces, so we must head into the uncharted and learn what it takes to put big dents in big challenges our world encounters.

Problems are complex and dynamic. Our approach to solving is multi-colored, multi-changing, and multi-shaped. So is our logo. Its multiple permutations symbolizes that no matter the situation, Uncharted will adapt and become best suited to solve. Our brand is as dynamic as the solutions required to better our world.

We are excited for this new approach to creating serious, scalable impact across the world, and we’re thrilled to take this next step in our journey—moving into uncharted waters to learn how to solve problems. And then going out and solving them.