If you are an experienced leader looking to make change happen by developing ideas into tangible initiatives, THNK’s Creative Leadership Program could be for you.

With four week-long modules spread over over six months, participants advance a pro-social entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial project while developing as a leader and growing their global network. You’ll learn how to navigate and thrive in rapidly-changing and uncertain environments, translating your passion and purpose into real impact.

With no exams or lectures, you will learn by doing, working on real topics that matter most to you. Whether you are an intrapreneur or entrepreneur, you will push your own development through peer-to-peer interaction with master practitioners and a highly diverse cohort of peers from a range of entrepreneurial, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

What will I get out of the program?

Sustainable roadmap to making the change you are passionate about
Process to build and lead a team capable of creating measurable impact
Collection of practical tools and frameworks to spark innovation and solve problems
Multidisciplinary support in bringing your project into the world
Clear definition of your leadership strengths and weaknesses
Expansive network containing potential co-founders, collaborators, and peer coaches

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THNK School of Creative Leadership
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