Thanks to a successful Call for Content, Social Enterprise Alliance has compiled a thorough list of relevant topics to present at Summit ‘17. Now, we need your help to determine who we should ask to speak!

Please nominate or apply to be a speaker in the form below. Be advised that we will only be in touch if you are selected to speak. The Request for Speakers will close May 18th.

Visit the Summit ‘17 and Social Enterprise Alliance websites to learn more.

Scaling lessons and models
Funding across all stages of growth
Diversity and inclusion in social enterprise
Leveraging government, universities and other local resources
Developing the local ecosystem for social enterprise
Collaborating with other social enterprises
Knowing your customer
Digital strategies for social enterprise
Entering mainstream markets with social enterprise products/services
Talent and organizational culture in social enterprise
Strategic business planning (when to launch next venture, managing risk and uncertainty, etc.)
Monitoring and evaluation, measuring impact
Why does social enterprise fail?
Determining when social enterprise is the best solution to a problem
The lasting effects of trauma, poverty and exclusion

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