Global call for bold, transformative projects advancing social justice! In a time of darkness and division, NoVo Fund to provide leaders ‘room to dream.’

The NoVo Foundation today announced The Radical Hope Fund, a new $20 million, four-year commitment to support bold and transformative social justice work across the globe.

The fund is designed to complement and deepen NoVo’s current work by encouraging new partnerships, collaboration and creativity. Beginning today, the foundation is inviting letters of inquiry from projects anywhere in the world, including from current grantee partners.

“Radical hope is one of the core values of the NoVo Foundation, and it serves as the inspiration for this new global commitment,” said Jennifer and Peter Buffett, NoVo’s co-presidents. “The Radical Hope Fund is grounded in deep optimism that a time of great challenge can also spur a moment of unprecedented collaboration and imagination, deepening our collective ability to build a more just and balanced world.”

Earlier this year, Jennifer and Peter Buffett and NoVo’s executive director, Pamela Shifman, encouraged foundations to double down on support for grassroots advocacy, activism and organizing, especially amid a global rise of regressive policies, discrimination and violence affecting girls and women, communities facing racial and ethnic discrimination, LGBTQI people, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, and other marginalized people and communities around the world. The new fund is one way that NoVo is seeking to put its own words into action.

As foundations, including NoVo, have increased essential rapid response funding in the wake of the U.S. election, NoVo also saw an opportunity to complement that immediate response by offering support for proactive, forward-looking work focused on long-term transformation, both in the United States and around the world.

“In a time of darkness and division, there must also be room to dream,” said Pamela Shifman, executive director of the NoVo Foundation. “Even as we help communities respond to daily threats, we can—and must—also create space for them to imagine, build and lead us toward a better and more just future. That’s how we hope this fund will make a significant difference.”

Like all of NoVo’s work, the fund will be grounded in the belief that meaningful change happens from the community level up—informed by lived experience, powered by movement building and activism, and guided by the leadership of marginalized people as the best experts of their own lives and futures.

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