This is a fundraiser for SoCo Nexus and Startup Jam’s work supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the greater San Francisco Bay Area and expanding its reach across the country.

Envision Def Comedy Jam meets Shark Tank meets Octoberfest—Startup Jam gives contestants a chance to test their pitches in front of a world-class panel of “sharks” who are dedicated to helping you succeed though positive critique. Yes, there is a $1000 prize, but the real value is in testing your idea in front of supportive but razor-sharp honest investors and industry insiders. Our panel of judges consists of Mentors, Angel Investors and VCs, and changes up each month.
This time around we will be focusing of the story of WHY these startups have pursued the problem they are addressing.

Have or know a startup with a great origin story?
Introduce them now to Mike Giotis at [email protected]

Startup Jam
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