The Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (IPJ), at the University of San Diego’s Kroc School of Peace Studies, is currently accepting applications for its Women PeaceMakers Program. The new Women PeaceMakers Program will offer a unique fellowship for peacebuilders, focused on strengthening and improving peace efforts in conflict-affected communities around the world. The 10-month fellowship will do this through building an engaged community of four peacebuilders from conflict-affected communities and four international peace partners looking to transform their ability to build peace together.

For 2017-18, the program’s focus will be on peacebuilders who engage with the security sector. The cohort of four Women PeaceMakers and four International Partners will work together to explore the following question:

How can Women PeaceMakers and international partners build more effective local-global collaborations in their peacebuilding efforts to engage the security sector?

Participants will be selected based on their work with the security sector (police, military and other state security forces) to advance peacebuilding, human security and women’s rights in local contexts.

For more information on how to apply, please visit the IPJ website at or contact Katie Zanoni, IPJ Program Officer for Women PeaceMakers, at [email protected]

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