The GiveDirectly donor relations team is growing. We are looking for someone with a sharp eye for detail who is passionate about delivering great customer service and who will love interacting with our donors, helping them send cash to people in need. This position is based out of our New York City office.

Respond to inquiries from donors and the general public by email and telephone
Resolve donor questions or issues promptly
Perform data entry and administrative tasks related to donation processing
Help maintain accurate records across numerous databases and payments platforms
Communicate/collaborate effectively with members of our international team as needed

We are looking for people with:

Bachelor’s degree or significant relevant experience
Exceptional communications skills
The ability to prioritize and problem-solve in a fast-paced setting
Value the intensity and open-endedness of a small organization over the stability and comfort of a larger corporation.
A willingness to give and receive direct, honest feedback

GiveDirectly aims to reshape international giving. We provide an end-to-end platform that enables funders to provide direct cash transfers to people living in extreme poverty. We are among the fastest-growing international development non-profits and are recipients of a Google Global Impact Award and a top rating from GiveWell.

Our unorthodox approach – allowing the poor, and not the donor, to choose how to invest – has driven debate both in press and policy circles (e.g., NPR’s This American Life, Foreign Affairs, The Economist, New York Times, The Guardian). We are also known for our extensive integration of technology into field processes; our quantitative approach to performance measurement; and our commitment to rigorous, independent, experimental evaluation of our impact, with one Randomized Controlled Trial completed and multiple additional RCTs in progress.

We are looking for exceptional talent to help build a startup into a world-class organization. Our culture is professional, analytical, non-hierarchical, fast-paced, and blunt, and we’re looking for people that match that description. We are open to candidates from any industry; we typically recruit from top private-sector firms and offer competitive salary and benefits.

Give Directly
New York City, NY
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