Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) is a 3-year fellowship that brings together a community of visionary entrepreneurs, investors and startup teams to create positive global impact from New Zealand.

International Fellows get exclusive access to New Zealand’s new Global Impact Visa (GIVs), the most entrepreneur-friendly visa in the world, and the first to be focused on impact.

Venture Support & Access: Up to 50 international and 10 Kiwi Fellows are accepted into a cohort every six months and are provided with individualised support and access to world-class mentors, retreats, and events to maximise impact.
What is GIVs?

Global Impact Visas (GIVs) is an innovative new visa programme that aims to give visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and startup teams a platform in New Zealand to build, incubate and support ventures with global impact potential.

Who is EHF for? We are seeking passionate individuals and teams who are dedicating their talents and energy towards challenging the status quo, building new paradigms, solving pressing global problems, and impacting the course of humanity.


We Created The Edmund Hillary Fellowship To Bring Together Humankind’s Creative Potential And Entrepreneurial Spirit In New Zealand, To Build Innovative Ventures For Global Impact.

EHF is a global platform in New Zealand, building a community of world-leading entrepreneurs and investors, and helping them bring their purpose-driven ventures to life. EHF helps New Zealand access the world’s best talent and capital to lead in innovation. Fellows have exclusive access to NZ Government’s Global Impact Visa – the most entrepreneur friendly visa in the world, with a path for permanent residency.


Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF)
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