DIAL seeks to establish a new program to provide services to and collaborative support for open source projects developing systems to address the needs of the international development and humanitarian communities.

There are a number of successful and impactful T4D OSS projects including OpenMRS, OpenDataKit, and RapidPro. However, a large number of T4D software projects suffer from a lack of a permanent home and the basic structures for ongoing investment and development.

This new T4D OSS Project Incubator & Accelerator will provide a home for projects, support continuity of investment, and provide key services to help projects succeed. These include:

Help establishing effect project governance models.
Help establishing effective software project management and contribution models.
Support in engaging and managing communities of contributors and implementers.
Technical, architectural, and coding support.

The Director of Technology and Director of Community jointly share responsibility for the overall and holistic success of hosted projects. The Director of Technology is directly responsible for the technical success of hosted projects. This includes aiding project teams in effective management of their product roadmaps, architectural designs, tech stack choices, and code contribution processes.

Each hosted project will establish governance and leadership structures within the framework of the overall organization. The Director of Technology may contribute to projects, serve directly on project committees, or act in an advisory role as determined by the Director of Community and the project leadership.

Along with the Director of Community, the Director of Technology is responsible for cultivating a collaborative, effective, and successful technical community around all hosted projects.

Develop standards, recommendations, and guidance on technical governance of hosted open source projects.
Manage additional technical resources that the organization may contribute to projects, including but not limited to software development grants.
Recruit and manage in-kind software development contributions from volunteers, individuals, and third-party organizations.
Provide guidance on technical challenges and decisions faced by hosted projects.
As needed, contribute directly to hosted projects, including service to and on project steering and technical committees.
Participate in organization fundraising and other resource recruiting activities.
Selection Criteria:

Experience in OSS project technical leadership roles, such as technical committee member and/or project committer.
Excellent software development and architectural design skills—across technology stacks.
Track record of successful technical contributions to open source software projects.
Extensive experience working asynchronously on distributed teams across multiple geographies, cultures, and time zones.
Background in T4D including direct in-the-field design and implementation experience; experience in Africa or South Asia preferred.
Wide experience across technical stacks. Full stack development experience and knowledge of a range of languages and frameworks a plus.
Experience setting up infrastructure & development tools for large, distributed, collaborative software development projects.
Experience with modern packaging and deployment methodologies and services. You know how to deploy a large scale service.
Excellent collaboration skills and experience managing loose coalitions of stakeholders across cultures and geographies.
Well rounded experience including product management, product design, or other key product delivery roles a plus.
You can tell a story and enjoy pitching people on the exciting work and the projects you support.
Entrepreneurial, with a talent for creative problem solving, perseverance, flexibility and resilience. Able to thrive in environments of ambiguity and enjoys being a thought partner on new ventures.
Fun, friendly, and excited to collaborate with diverse teams.
Ability to work under pressure and handle stress.
Familiarity with diverse stakeholders in the digital development community a plus.
Ability to meet regular attendance/tardiness policy.
Ability to work under pressure and handle stress.

Washington D.C.