Director of Evaluation

Democracy Fund is seeking an experienced professional to serve as its Director of Evaluation to support the Democracy Fund in becoming a best-in-class learning organization that consistently learns from its failures as well as its successes. As part of Democracy Fund’s Strategy, Impact, and Learning team, the Director will support an evaluative cycle that involves (a) seeking to understand our democracy as a complex social system, (b) helping to develop strategies for engaging that system, and (c) learning from our activities so that we can engage more effectively over time.

The Director will work with Democracy Fund’s program teams to design and implement a coordinated and comprehensive strategy for measuring the impact of our programs to ensure that the organization deepens and broadens its influence. In collaboration with other departments, the Director will develop key ways to understand and evaluate programmatic impacts and how those impacts may contribute to sustainable social change at the systemic level. The Director will work with the program teams to build buy-in and capacity for the Democracy Fund to continuously adapt its programs based on ongoing self-assessment, and lead efforts to conceptualize and implement a longitudinal strategic evaluation plan designed to improve internal program practices.

Internally, the Director will manage the development and implementation of pathways towards assessing our progress and learning from our programs and investments. Externally, the Director will engage with researchers, evaluators, and other thought leaders in the field in order to stay abreast of new research, guide future research to address critical questions, and share what the Democracy Fund has learned from its own experimentation.

The Director of Evaluation will report to the Vice President of Strategy, Impact, and Learning.

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Washington D.C.
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