CEPPS has announced a new grants program designed to increase the political participation of historically marginalized populations in electoral processes. These grants are intended to counter discrimination against marginalized populations, which remains entrenched in many societies and is frequently reflected in political, legal, and financial institutions.

Through the provision of grants to local and regional organizations, CEPPS will support projects that address issues of particular importance to these communities. Qualified applicants include: non-U.S.-based regional and local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); private, non-profit organizations; professional associations; and relevant special interest associations or coalitions.

Please find the announcement and Request for Statement of Interest (RSOI) on the website (link below), as well as attached here. Please share this broadly with your partners as you deem fit. The deadline for submission is August 17, 2017.

Please cite PCDNetwork as the source of the posting in your application.

More Info: