You are a “yes, and… ” type of person. You are excited about taking on new tasks and challenges and are eager to create great experiences for others from managing a clean database to a well-executed event. You think of yourself as the ultimate team player and your team knows they can count on you. When you arrive at a dinner party, your first question is, “How can I help?” You are the go-to organizer for your friends and family. Others are jealous of your organizational skills and seven color coded calendars. Not only are you great at the details, but also you understand how small tasks can be essential to big, audacious goals like alleviating poverty. You love the idea that your organizational skills could contribute to a better livelihood for an entrepreneur in a developing country. You are resourceful and when you see a problem, you jump at the chance to fix it. Your initial instinct when developing a new process is to make it as efficient as possible because while the details are essential, you know that efficiencies are just as important.

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs
Washington D.C.
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