LONDON—April 4, 2017—The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia (DFAT), and The Rockefeller Foundation announced a new partnership today that will aim to foster more inclusive, self-sustaining economies through entrepreneurship in East and Southeast Asia.

With close to $500,000 committed, DFAT and The Rockefeller Foundation’s support will help grow and develop the ANDE East and Southeast Asia regional chapter, which will be based in Bangkok and serve the East and Southeast Asia region. Support for small and growing businesses (SGBs)—businesses with 5 to 250 employees and ready to scale—are essential to connecting both regional and global markets to local communities. As a result, underserved communities receive increased access to critical goods and services, such as education and housing. In Asia, there is growing evidence that this type of access has improved healthcare and provided offgrid communities with reliable and affordable energy sources.

“This partnership will strengthen the individual work of dozens of organizations supporting entrepreneurs in the region, and ultimately fortify small businesses working to effect change in their communities,” said Randall Kempner, executive director of ANDE. Additionally, the partnership will help to further expand the ANDE East and Southeast Chapter’s impact in the region through training programs and in-person events. This work builds on progress made by a volunteer steering committee that has been supporting ANDE’s work there since 2014.

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