You like to think of yourself as a professional matchmaker. You excel at quickly understanding individual and organizational needs and interests and making sure that the right people are talking to each other. If multi-tasking was an Olympic sport, you’d be a gold medal contender. Given a flip chart, some post-it notes, and a room full of passionate people – you can pretty easily come up with and implement a plan that everyone is excited to be part of. You thrive in a start-up environment. You can pivot on a dime, and often can’t sleep until a problem is addressed. You love the idea that your organizational and networking skills could contribute to a better livelihood for entrepreneurs throughout East and Southeast Asia.

ANDE is seeking a Regional Chapter Manager to develop and kick start the strategy for the expansion of the ANDE network in East and Southeast Asia. We currently have an ANDE East and Southeast Asia (ANDE ESEA) Regional Chapter which is supported by a volunteer steering committee. We would like to catalyze the chapter by opening an office in the region, and are looking for support in launching and managing local operations.

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs
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