The Accelerator Selection Tool is a public resource designed to help social entrepreneurs and impact accelerators more easily navigate the rapidly expanding ecosystem of support organizations. Developed in collaboration with more than 10 organizations—and distributed by a network of partners who provide the tool as a free resource to their community—the Accelerator Selection Tool provides the most comprehensive listing of impact-focused accelerators, incubators, business plan competitions, and fellowship programs in the world. Scroll below to access the tool.

Did You Know?

It takes an entrepreneur an average of 60 hours to determine to which accelerator programs to apply. The Accelerator Selection Tool simplifies that process and increases the probability of accelerator application success.


Social Entrepreneurs

Impact entrepreneurs spend less time finding the right program to take their idea or venture to the next stage.


Impact accelerators gain industry level data to help make strategic program decisions, such as programmatic areas or geographies in which to expand.


Impact investors gain insight into global trends, new market opportunities, and potential pipeline partners for investable deals.

"The Accelerator Selection Tool aggregates information from leading database partners and impact accelerator networks, each of which contributes a piece of the puzzle to create the most comprehensive impact accelerator program information in the world."

Avary KentExecutive Director,


Want to Add Your Accelerator?

Share your accelerator program data and add it to the Accelerator Selection Tool, making your program discoverable on dozens of partner websites.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to questions we've received about the Beta version of the Accelerator Selection Tool.

Q: My accelerator/incubator program is not listed in the tool, how do I add it?

A: First you will need to create an account with ImpactSpace which you can do here.

Once you've created your account, you can add a new listing to the database.

Currently Accelerator/Incubator programs are classified under "Add a new Impact Investor."  Once you are on the next page you will see "Accelerator/Incubator" under "Investor Type."

Q: How do I update my information if it is already listed on ImpactSpace?

A: When you search for your organization and find your profile you will see an "Edit" button underneath "Sector" - select that button and update your data.

NOTE: It does take 48 hours for ImpactSpace to approve updates to the database to ensure that everything being added is accurate.


Q: How do I find the top 5 accelerators worth researching?

A: The Accelerator Selection Tool uses "AND" logic for each of the filters.  Simply select the filters that best describe your venture and the tool will show the closest results.  Should there be no results that match your venture perfectly, simply click the "X" next to one filter at a time to broaden your results.

Q: What do you mean by impact region?

A: Impact region refers to the country where people most benefit from the social or environmental product or service provided by the venture.  For example the organization may be based in the United States but primarily serving people in Tanzania, and thus would select "Tanzania" as the Impact Region to find accelerators most aligned with their impact.

Q: What does travel required mean?

A: Some programs require that you attend some or all of the program in person and are indicated as "Yes" for travel required.  We were unable to determine if travel was required for all of the organizations, and recommend you also look at those program also listed as "Not Available" if you need to find more results.

Q: What do you mean by the different stages?

A: Stages are listed from earliest to latest:

  • Problem Identification: Research phase to understand the root causes of a problem that may lead to the development of a product or organization.
  • Idea: Idea phase about how to address a social or environmental problem and is looking for support in validating and testing that idea.
  • Prototype/Pilot: Entrepreneur(s) has developed an initial product prototype or program pilot to test their idea and is most likely pre-income/revenue
  • Early Customer Traction/Revenue: The Entrepreneur(s) has now developed an organization and has garnered their first customers or financial support from angels, friends, and family.
  • Starting to See Strong Traction: The organization is fully formed and is likely looking for support in fundraising from angels or securing debt capital or grants.
  • Solidifying Operations: The organization is no longer in start-up phase and has developed a strong product/service offering with consistent and diversified sources of revenue.  A company at this stage may be looking to expand their team, raise growth capital, scale operations to new countries, or identify operational efficiencies.
  • Rapid Growth: The organization has reached scale very quickly and is looking for support in operations, capital acquisition, customer retention, and is likely raising a series A or B round of capital to fund their growth strategy.
Q: Who can I reach out to if I have additional questions not answered here?A: Please email [email protected] if you have any additional questions.